Dear coffee friends,

Hummingbird Amsterdam Started December 2018 and we are still in a “starting/growing” phase. We really needed this lovely sunny start of March for our business to bloom. 

In light of the risk of COVID 19, we decided to close our shop to the public (check out our instagram IGTV page), out of our due diligence and responsibility to the community, and in understanding that even staying open, was not going to sustain our business. Currently the city center is a ghost town. Good thing because we need to fight the crisis together. Unfortunately as a specialty store that has a license to serve coffee, we belong to the ‘grey area’ of types of businesses that are not (yet) entitled to receive any financial support from our government. 

That’s why we embarked on finding other creative solutions to survive this crisis. Today we announce these three options. Next to these options we are going to host weeky online coffee moments for free, just for our coffee community to enjoy having coffee together. These moments will be announced at instagram, so do follow us at insta if you want to hang out online with us too!

Option 1: we accept donations

Due to trying to survive the corona crisis, we created a donate button in which our coffee friends, family and network is able to help us survive this corona crisis.

Option 2: Claim your Work From Hummingbird-Day

In light of the current crisis and safety measures that required us to close down our specialty coffee bar Hummingbird Amsterdam, we are embarking on a new (for the time being during corona) adventure for the space, to rent it to just one person at a time per day (every day of the week except Friday) as an individual workspace or quiet sanctuary. 

Are you an individual, mom or dad and, meanwhile, in these just 2 weeks of working from home, maybe already going nuts? Just because of this new reality? Are you in need for a quiet space to work from and to really get shit done? Maybe not going nuts but would love to be in another space?

The minimum ask is €75,- (donations for more are of course welcome) for a full day including super fast wifi, 1 or 2 liters excellent home batch brew coffee, some sweets and of course an amazing vibrantly colourful and quiet space.

This crisis of course invited a design thinking challenge to find a new creative solution, identifying the needs of the community, where we can provide a safe and viable solution that can also help us break even the next couple months as we survive this crisis: 

THE NEED:  individuals WFH are struggling to be productive and are already getting tired or bored from working from home (even those who do not have kids).
THE OPPORTUNITY: A Beautiful, vibrant, quiet, safe, sanitized, solitary space. 

In case of need, please e-mail us at, or contact us via instagram!

Option 3: buy a subscription @ Standartmag via our Magic link

Baristas and other hospitality workers are losing their jobs and livelihoods and coffee shops are facing untold pressures, which in return will affect the lives of farmers and all those along the supply chain. It’s a spiral whose force we need to stifle as best we can, as quickly as we can, so here’s something we thought we’d try.

For the next two weeks, the profit of all new subscriptions will go to support your favorite coffee shop. This means that if you buy a yearly subscription with a unique referral code from the shop you want to support, half of what you pay goes straight to them. No ifs. No buts. No maybes.

Buy your subscription via this magic link that leads to Standart Mag

Or use our special Coupon code: HUMMINGBIRD

Thank you so much, stay safe and healthy and we hope to see you soon again in the shop!

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