Like a Hummingbird, we aspire to hover and to savor each moment as it passes, embrace all that life has to offer and celebrate the joy of every day.

We are a 3rd wave specialty coffee bar

Hummingbird Amsterdam is about the enjoyment of life, lightness of being, and the quality of being present while having a badass coffee.

With special curated coffee products we are coffee geeks that do good.

Not only do we offer various amounts of specialty coffee equipment for the home baristas, but we also offer carefully curated products that do good in the world or are a good cause in itself. We prefer to support small business owners, artists, and start-ups who are the true change-makers. We love plant-based alternatives, so eat and drink your heart out because we have enough tasty options like Sharp Sharp pastries & Rebel Mylk.

How to change a system?

by raising awareness

It’s hard but not impossible. We believe that change starts with us. So, we’ve selected a recyclable takeaway cup, but we ask every customer if you really need that or the (plastic) lid. We hope we can send back our stock of lids within half a year. We also ask you to bring your own takeaway cup or buy it in our shop if you don’t have one. You’ll get a 10% discount on your takeaway beverage if you’ll bring your own.

The experience we would love to give you

Unwind, relax, be gentle, take time, explore, read, drink, eat, play, talk, listen to jazzy sounds and calming vibes. Enjoy a vibrant space and re-connect with yourself, surround yourself with others, and forget time passing by.

The rules we live by & our core values

We meet you when you come in, we always say Hello and Goodbye, We deliver the best quality and service, our visitors are Kings & Queens: always! In a hurry? That’s Ok. Want to go slow? Ok too. Your wish is our command, we take time and effort to advise you, we know what you like to drink, but we will seduce you once in a while to try something different. We love all our customers and to serve you makes us happy.

About the Spuistraat

A street that everyone has forgotten comes to life again. It’s brand new with all the charming and sophisticated hotels and the beautiful shops of our neighbors. Luckily the street is still a little bit grungy and diverse. Because of the very rich artistic and graffiti history we chose to go the artistic way inside our shop and to include a piece of history in our concept. Our Hummingbird is made by L7Matrix from Brazil, based in Paris. Yes, we’ve found our soulmate that inspires the world with his signature of unique Hummingbirds. Come in and wander around while enjoying a coffee with us.

For the love of coffee, art, joyful service, and connectedness. – Agavni Jessaijan, owner of Hummingbird Amsterdam

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