The London Coffee Festival is just behind us and Samya and Agavni were there to check out the latest developments in the world of coffee. 

How was the scenery of the London coffee festival?

Samya: The setting for the festival was awesome. The old industrial building matched the atmosphere that is in a lot of cafes these days. And it was so huge! Just floors and floors filled stands, it’s great to see how big specialty coffee is becoming. 

Agavni: I have been to the festival a couple of times and it is always fantastic to be there. Every year it increases in size and has a greater diversity in specialty coffee. Also, the neighborhood around the festival appeals greatly to me. The amazing graffiti and the Londoners complete the experience. The whole vibe of the place is turned up to eleven.

What coffee brands stood above the rest?

Samya: There were loads of great coffees but for me Workshop, Round Hill, and Redemption as roasters stood out. Workshop served us a beautiful coffee from Ecuador, which you don’t see often. Round Hill served the best coffee of the day and Redemption just had a beautiful social message with their coffee. They work with inmates to help them prepare for a life back in society. Their roastery is placed in an actual prison!

Agavni: I totally agree with Samya. I usually drink only filter coffee at festivals to get a good taste and those three brands really impressed me. Workshop had an amazing tasting coffee. Round Hill was so good we took a couple of samples with us and the story behind Redemption Coffee is truly unique. They are making such a social impact and I can’t wait to visit them in prison and see it happening in real life.

Did sustainability play a big role?

Samya: I was glad to see that sustainability played such a prominent role at the festival. Keep Cups was promoted everywhere, they even had special cleaning stations for them. Also, there were water fountains all over the place, so you could refill your own bottle. 

Agavni: Yeah the Keep Cups were a nice presence, but for next year I hope that they are going to make a bigger impact. So many paper cups were still being used for tastings. I don’t believe that’s necessary. Will be good if next year everyone finds a keep cup in their goody bag 🙂

What can we expect at Hummingbird because of the festival?

Samya: We made a deal with Round Hill Roastery and right now we are serving their coffee at Hummingbird! The taste of their coffee just really stood out among the rest. Come taste their Colombia filter and espresso at Hummingbird, it is awesome.

Agavni: Well we are looking to make a deal with Redemption Coffee. We want to spread their social message here at Hummingbird. Also, we met up with the guys of SiBarista. These guys from Barcelona are making innovative designed coffee products. They are already very successful but they don’t do business in The Netherlands yet. Because I love to support start-ups, people, and products with a beautiful story and mission I can’t wait to collaborate with them. And yes, this will happen soon. So stay tuned for more!

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