Agavni is the proud owner of Hummingbird Amsterdam. This enthusiastic businesswoman has already been making dreams come true of others, corporates & individuals for years. Her creative agency Heartcore-Lab provides the conditions people and organizations need to become the mastermind of their own destiny. No matter the subject. Her core is to inspire & scale change and to make things happen.

Hummingbird is Agavni’s own dream. She started Hummingbird because she is a big specialty coffee lover. Previously she helped to create Caffè il Momento 6 years ago (previously owned by her boyfriend Kees Dijkhuis), a coffee cafe at the Singel, and she missed doing that. When she was on holiday in New York 3 years ago, it hit her. She wanted to create a specialty coffee bar again with a unique message that also makes a social impact in creative ways. Creating Hummingbird was a culmination of everything Agavni has learned throughout her life. 

Guided by heart & creativity

As director of her company Heartcore-Lab, Agavni is a specialist in helping others to create concepts. ‘I love to work with people and help them on their journey from idea, to the concept, to manifestation’, Agavni says: ‘How to make a social impact is a big part of the THNK journey I was part of in 2016.’ As a THNK School of Creative Leadership member, she has proven her worth as a creative mind. Agavni believes in designing your own future and that things happen for a reason. She is convinced that the way to go is to open yourself up to the world. ‘Every conversation can lead to all kinds of possibilities.’ This is the way Agavni and her team keep on innovating Hummingbird. The products displayed and the coffees served all start by truly connecting over what we find important to serve our customers.

Hummingbird Amsterdam

Is all about connectedness. Like a Hummingbird, we aspire to hover and to savor each moment as it passes, embrace all that life has to offer and to celebrate the joy of every day while drinking a badass coffee.

Doing things differently is Agavni’s favorite way to go. That also means she’s willing to take risks. With the choice of integrating two MODBAR’s in the shop, she manifested her idea of connectedness. Baristas can’t hide behind a bar and need to be able to connect in a joyful way. Explaining what you’re actually drinking and maybe seduce you to once in a while try something different. True service and hospitality, especially within Amsterdam, is one of her ‘real-life & social’ missions.

Agavni isn’t done dreaming. She has plans for a second Hummingbird somewhere in Europe and is looking for ways to promote the skills of home baristas and give them a place to thrive in life. Agavni spreads the joy of making a nice cup of specialty coffee at home by casting the best team ever. With Kees as her partner in life, she has a history of making a specialty coffee bar work and with Agavni as the creative leader, Hummingbird is a success story in the making. 

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