If you know us well already you know that we are truly and deeply all about specialty coffee!

We are so happy and grateful for having Onyx Coffee Lab at our shop.

Our desire and mission are to have exquisite brands on our shelf with a wide variety of beans for you to try, buy ánd to develop your understanding 😋🤓 of the enormous specialty coffee options.

We really love the rebrand of Onyx that includes a sustainable approach with their packaging:

“Boxes from Onyx Coffee Lab:

For our 4oz and 10oz boxes, we are utilizing boxes that are made from unbleached, uncoated paperboard. These are low-density, moisture resistant, high-yield and provide strength and durability using less fiber. They are food-grade certified and easily recyclable. We designed them to look and feel superb, and we chose these materials to help thoughtful, innovative design meet sustainability.

Our boxes come from WestRock. WestRock gathers recyclable materials, processes and repurposes the fiber, and creates new boxes with it. The boxes are overlaid with laminate, which is a polypropylene composite that consists of non-toxic chemicals and recycles through conventional paper recycling.”

Onyx’s mission ‘Never Settle for Good Enough’ speaks loud and connects deeply to our own hearts and showcases what we still are manifesting with our multi-roaster approach at Hummingbird.

Providing you, our customer, the best of the best!

We truly celebrate different brands with a high-quality approach. And we cherish the people behind the brands that take care and show responsibility for the full process; from sourcing to roasting to transparently communicating about the entire chain. We believe this is the new wave in specialty coffee.

Join our pilgrimage— seeking quality, truth and accountability in coffee. We journey to find the finest and most unique coffees in the world.
– Onyx Coffee Lab

By introducing different brands at Hummingbird we also celebrate connectedness, pure joy, and the love for coffee. 

Even more today we want you, our customer, to experience great specialty coffees. To enjoy it and develop your taste buds. Hop on over and taste the goodness!!! 🤩😍😋 We can’t wait to see your faces drinking this one! And because we are entering a holiday season that will be quite different this year for everyone, we made sure we have enough options to choose from!

Learn and see more at the website of Onyx Coffee Lab.
And do follow Onyx on Instagram!

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