Yes, we couldn’t agree more! We are happy and grateful that we have SEY COFFEE on the shelf. Why do they fit our mission, purpose, you, and our needs? Because SEY cares:

“We are intensely interested in reimagining—both technologically and logistically—everything we have come to know about coffee. We are inspired by the boundlessness of possibility, and allow ourselves the freedom to work with whatever coffees we find inspiring, no matter how high the cost or how small the lot.”

A delicious cup of coffee relies on a multitude of intimately connected pieces that make up the whole of our supply chain. We are committed to holistically improving the well-being of our growers, our team, and our customers. Nothing makes us happier than knowing we’ve done everything within our power to improve lives at every step along the way. Through this commitment, we rest assured that every coffee we release is nothing short of beautiful.”

The first batch we purchased from Sey included two beautiful coffees from Mexico!! Which we loved!! We will keep an eye on future coffees coming from Mexico!

Pedro Gomez, Tenejapa Chiapas

“Chiapas is a new region for us and is very our first exploratory look into Mexico. Tenejapa is a very remote area and therefore hasn’t seen much attention from coffee buyers. However, amongst all of the Mexican coffees we tasted this year, the ones from this region caught our attention for their potential. The members of the coffee-producing group in Tenejapa primarily speak the dialect of Mayan. Pedro Gomez is a leader within the community, and one of the only producers who can also speak Spanish. We’re very excited to continue exploring Mexico, and hope to open up what has been a relatively quiet specialty coffee producing country.”

Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca

“This coffee comes from the remote parts of the Sierra Mazateca mountains, where there are mostly closed indigenous communities. Most are not Spanish speakers, making this a very difficult region to work within. We are very excited to be working in this region because it is relatively unrepresented, and the microclimate seems ideal for producing complex cup profiles. We will continue learning more about this unique region as we explore these coffees in the years to come.”

Yes, this is a brand well-known by expats living in Amsterdam. We love it that the brands we curate and put on our shelf are so gracefully celebrated by your, our daily customer. With every box, you buy you share the love for our choices!

Currently, we have a beautiful new selection from SEY. Buy it in our shop at the Spuistraat or now online too! And make sure you ask to taste it first! We change our Batch Brew daily, serving you all the coffees we have on the shelf too! #fortheloveofspecialtycoffee
SEY at Insta

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