We are a humble specialty coffee bar. At our core it is all about specialty coffee, connectedness, the best hospitality and curating unique and badass specialty coffees from around the world. In this time of crisis it is about surviving and making sure we keep our local coffee-chain running. And you can help out by ordering coffee via Hummingbird, treating yourself with specialty coffee.

In the last year we have had on our shelves:

Kiss the hippo, Londen
Roundhill Roastery, Londen
Workshop Coffee, Londen 
Squaremile Coffee, Londen
Cloud Picker Coffee, Dublin
April Coffee, Copenhagen
Oven Heaven Coffee Roaster, France
Tim Wendelboe. Norway 
Common Greens, Amsterdam
Wood & Co Coffee, Melbourne
Marketlane Coffee, Melbourne
Patrica Coffee Brewers, Melbourne
Blume Coffee, Melbourne 
Bailies Coffee roaster, Belfast
Manhattan Coffee, Rotterdam 
And coffees on the waiting list to enter our shelves!

As you see, a lot of diversity in specialty coffees. To enrich the coffee experience of our customers. Today we focus on supporting our local roasteries.

Our home roaster Common Greens with beautiful filter coffees and our own Hummingbird Espresso blend. We also offer mouth watering options from Manhattan Coffee coming from Rotterdam.

We don’t have a webshop but if you want to order coffee just send us an e-mail to or DM us via instagram.

Inacio White: roasted for Filter & Espresso. Flavour notes: chocolate, praline, white flowers.

Inacio Gold: Filter
Flavour notes: green melon, red grape, winegums.

Option 1: Filter: 1 x 250gr Inacio (white) + 1x 250gr Inacio (gold)
Option 2: Espresso: 2x 250gr Inacio White
Option 3: Choose Filter & Espresso

Common Greens duo box

Common Greens double pack box 
Price per box: €25,00 
Chocies: 3 Filters & 1 Hummingbird Espresso blend

Ethiopia Filter Sasaba 250 gr
Farm: Sasaba washing station
Region: Guji
Elevation: 2150
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Process: Natural
Expect: raspberry, lemonade, wine gums

Ethiopia Filter Daanisa Uddo 250gr
Farm: Daanisa Dambi Uddo 
Region: Guji
Elevation: 2000-2500
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Process: Natural
Expect: bergamot, blackberry, blueberry

Peru filter Finca Yungasuyo 250gr
Farm: Finca Yungasuyo
Farmer: Dolores Concepcion Visalot Arvalo
Region: Utcubamba, Amazonas
Elevation: 1500
Varietal: Pache, Catimor,Costa Rica
Process: Natural,Organic, Fair Traide
Expect: Bakers chocolate, hibiscus berries.

Hummingbird Espresso blend 250gr
70% Brazil
30% Ethiopia
Process washed
Expect: Toblerone, creme brûlée, fig jam.

Pre-Orders & Pre-payment + Shipping

Before Monday mornings 9am we need your order. By Wednesday we’ll receive all orders from our two roasters and as from that moment we’ll ship it on Thursday’s to you or you pick it up at an allocated time in our shop on Fridays. If there is any reason you can’t leave home and you’re based in Amsterdam we are very willing to bring your box of coffee. Amsterdam isn’t that big 🙂

Thank you for supporting our coffee chain and keep this thing running! We wait to receive your order!

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