It is already our mission to curate the best of the best roasters and beautiful coffee brands, but even more today due to the global corona pandemic it is even more important to continue our mission and to let you know that we are dead serious about doing this! Why?

Because you can’t travel the world, we bring the world to you!

It’s that simple and for us, pure joy to take on this adventure and to make sure more and more people in The Netherlands, and maybe soon even beyond NL, are able to enjoy a wide variety of coffee brands sourced by us from around the world.

We are a specialty coffee bar with a multi-roaster approach, meaning we curate different brands and put them on our shelf for you to try, taste, and buy. We truly believe that everyone should have the possibility to explore different coffee brands and to develop their own coffee taste buds.

We love craft and care

We do have a waiting list of brands that want to enter our shelf, but we are very picky and we search for that perfect fit. We listen to you, our customer and we also know what our own needs are and are really honest that the way a roaster or brand approaches their way of doing business, should be a fit to ours and a match with our purpose.

When we get samples we let you try it, sometimes you know it, sometimes you don’t but we’ll always communicate with you if there is a new possibility.

Creating awareness

We love to seduce you with the best of the best, explore different brew methods, or taste other coffees if you always take the same coffee. With that comes really talking about our selected brands and informing you well on all the ins and out. We just love to raise awareness on all the beautiful coffees out there, now available for you to taste.

That’s why we don’t have a menu. We are your menu. We love to connect over coffee!

Now Online too

It took a while, but finally, you can order your coffee, cookie DÔ and home barista tickets at our humble online shop too. Whenever you find something out of stock, make sure you’ll send us an email or DM via Instagram because we always have some available stock in our physical shop for daily customers.

Spread the word and love about us. Share more coffee moments with your loved ones, physically and digitally. Take it slow and enjoy the precious moments. We do too.

We are grateful for our regulars, for weekly and monthly re-visits, and people that shop thill they drop at our place.

Soon we’ll start with our first mailing list as we have some amazing new things to come in place for you. And everything that our future brings to us and to your door, we want to keep you informed upfront!

Stay connected, stay strong and stay tuned!


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